...Hi all.

Due to an epic failure on my part yesterday, I have now made my journal 'friends only'.

I did not fully realise how thoughtless I had previously been in my posts both to communities and here and I do not want to upset anyone further by people accidently stumbling here and being offended by anything I may say on any subject.

If you would like to friend me based on people we know, my userinfo or anything else, please do so and I will friend you back, though please note:

Occasionally, I:

♥ am heartless with no apparent regard for other people's feelings;
♥ spend time being morose about not being a nicer person;
♥ have crisis' of faith;
♥ post memes because actually I don't have the strength for a real post; and
♥ will comment on your journal;

I am also (and always, not just occasionally):

♥ bi-sexual;
♥ a Lapsed Christian;
♥ a LARPer; and
♥ a FanFic reader and writer (Harry Potter, Supernatural, Lord of the Rings)

If any of the above offend or upset you, please do not friend me as I do not want to hurt you.
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